Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dexter the Naughty

According to Dexter's humans, Dexter is "the most loveable, cutest, affectionate, playful but stubborn, hard headed, trouble making creature" in the world. Living with him is like living the movie "Marley and Me," and he's rarely left unsupervised. Here's how Mike, Dexter's human, tells it:

"There have been a few occasions where we both were not at the house, usually for only an hour or two, and Dexter used that time to create Chaos. Despite two broken legs, in casts, a cone around his head and a double latched crate, he still has managed to create more trouble than you can imagine! Three times we have found him out of his crate, casts pulled off, and a trail of chewed up shoes, wicker baskets, computer cords, and purses. Each time we tried something new. Zip ties on the crate door were chewed through and weights against the crate door were pushed out of the way.

"We can only let him out of the crate when he can be directly supervised, with an adult only a few feet away because he refuses to believe his legs are broken, and not to be walked on! I have rigged up a harness with a bed sheet that lifts his back legs off the ground, giving him the ability to walk on his front legs outside to use the bathroom. He is a power house with his front legs, and all he wants to do is run, run, run. We try to keep him entertained with things to chew on, but he goes through the average bone or pig ear in 15 minutes. Last night, he really went all out. Before going shopping, we placed tool boxes and full gallon paint cans all around and on top of the crate to deter and prevent any attempt at escape. We returned just under 2 hours later, to find 2 pulled off casts, 2 gallons of paint in our carpet, and an open crate door and at the top of the stairs sat peacefully (tired from his latest work of art) the little husky puppy, who was now the color of our bedroom walls."

Since this escapade, Dexter's crate has been secured with combination padlocks (no joke!) in hopes of keeping him safe.

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