Friday, July 9, 2010

Lessons from Dexter

Dexter's physical therapy program--designed by the dog himself!--relies heavily on playing. He responds to his name and comes when called, but he still likes getting into mischief. Case in point: one evening, Dexter's humans had to chase him through the woods because Dexter decided he needed a longer "therapy" session! He hid behind trees, lay in puddles, and darted around to avoid capture. Dexter obviously enjoys a good game of hide-and-seek.

Clearly, Dexter has learned the importance of recreation. Other valuable lessons he's learned:
1. Don't try to eat a wasp.
2. Live fish are difficult to hold on to.
3. Don't let your humans catch you on the kitchen table. Which is not to say stay off the table, just get down before they come in.
4. You can, in fact, pick fights with dogs three times your size if you show no fear.
5. It's important to guard the food bowl from other dogs, even if you're not hungry.
6. Don't try to eat a wasp. It's still not a good idea.

Some lessons that Dexter's humans have learned:
1. Dexter is fearless.
2. As far as he's concerned, Dexter is the master of the universe. He only plays cute and submissive when he wants to get out of trouble.
3. Dexter has "little dog syndrome"--the bigger the other dog, the more important it is to annoy him.
4. Dexter thinks that eating wasps is a good idea. Multiple stings have not convinced him otherwise.
5. Despite (maybe because of) his mischief, Dexter is fabulous.

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