Friday, April 9, 2010

Dexter the Adorable

Dexter is a very cute puppy!

He's also had a very tough life so far. As you can see in a few of the pictures, he has casts on both hind legs. Here's how he got that way:

"It was 8 p.m. Thursday evening , January 28, when Mike saw a small husky puppy lying on his front lawn. He rushed to pick him up and noticed that both hind legs were broken. The puppy had dragged himself along on his front legs. Horrified, Mike jumped into his car and drove to the Emergency Vet Clinic where the pup was examined and x-rays were taken. He had not been hit by a car, the vet said, and it was obvious that the breaks were deliberate. Both legs were splinted but needed to be pinned as soon as possible. After paying the emergency vet bill of $1,000, Mike took the pup who he named “Dexter” back home to his family. Unable to afford the necessary surgery, he made many calls in the next two days trying to find a group which would help. In the meantime, little Dexter, approximately 10-12 weeks old, was being monitored by the family dog, “Juno”, a one year old spayed female Husky mix. He adored her and probably thought his mom had come back for him.

"On the third day, Sunday, not having received any positive response in regard to financial help, Mike approached the SPCA. We responded immediately. Realizing the seriousness of this case, we decided to have the surgery done and worry about the financial aspect later, although our funds were limited.

"The next day, Dexter was taken to the Regional Vet Referral Center in Springfield where a board certified orthopedic surgeon took over and his leg was pinned. The other leg was not as badly broken and received a new shorter splint and will eventually heal on its own. Today, Dexter is back with his rescuer where he will receive aftercare and TLC. The clinic will monitor his progress closely. Mike and his family have bonded with the spunky, playful little guy and want to adopt him." (SPCA)

Far from being limited by his rocky beginning, though, Dexter is turning into one tough--and naughty--cookie! He loves to run, chase Juno, pounce on his humans, and generally make mischief. I'll add stories and updates on Dexter's progress and antics as time goes on.

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  1. I just had to let my baby Mishu go from old age and to hear this just kills me.My Mishu was a Husky also and they are great dogs all the way around.I am so glad Dexter now has a loving family he surely deserves a happy life from here on out.Best of all to you and sweet little Dexter.